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What Narrative Does for a Writer

By a special friend at my request

Saga of Menyoral

There are tons of books and articles dedicated to the art of writing dialogue, but unless you’re writing screenplays, the bulk of your fictional word count is more than likely narrative. There are tons of books dedicated to that, too—more, I think—but I want to talk specifically about what narrative does, can do, for you.

I write alternate-world fantasy. Narrative is of particular importance to me, and to writers of fiction not-quite-meatspace, so I’m going to talk about my own work, but even if your fictional flavor is different from mine, I hope you find something of use to you here. I’m going to take apart my opening to Menyoral and try to tell you what I was doing and why.

It was a fair night, the last, perfect night of summer, and the stars shone cleanly down from a sky of blue velvet; but Oda the moon hid His…

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